“LESCO’s Shocking Discovery: 28 Power Pilferers Caught Red-Handed in Shalimar Division’s Anti-Theft Sweep!”

28 power pilferers detected in LESCO’s Shalimar Division
Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) Shalimar Division, in an anti-theft operation, detected 28 consumers pilfering electricity by hooking wires on the main transmission lines.
LESCO spokesman told media here Monday that under the supervision of Chief Executive Officer Engineer Shahid Haider, the company has for the last three months been continuing with successful anti-electricity theft campaign.
He added that LESCO teams disconnected all the illegal connections and submitted applications with respective police stations for registration of cases against nine accused. The company, he mentioned, also charged all the accused a total of 39,108 units in the form of detection bills.

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