Taylor Swift’s $30,000 Cartier necklace fails to bring luck to Travis Kelce’s Chiefs

Despite Swift’s glamorous presence, the Chiefs encountered their fourth loss of the season

Swift and Kelce.—Marca/file

In a glittering display at the latest NFL game, global sensation Taylor Swift made a fashion statement with a Cartier necklace valued at over $30,000 while passionately supporting her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, the Kansas City Chiefs’ tight end.

The golden accessory, worth half the average American salary, adorned Swift as she watched the Chiefs face the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field on Sunday night, November 4. Despite her glamorous presence, the Chiefs encountered their fourth loss of the season, falling 27-19.

Swift sported Chiefs’ red, complemented by a McCartney ‘Belted Red Coat’ valued at $2400, previously donned by Brittany Mahomes. However, the opulent ensemble failed to turn the tide for the defending champions, leaving fans speculating about the necklace’s luck.

The pop star flew to the game with the wife of the Chiefs’ starting quarterback, watching the contest separately after a brief hug that saw them heading in different directions, reasons unknown. The Chiefs’ defeat, though disappointing, didn’t overshadow individual performances.

Despite the loss, quarterback Patrick Mahomes delivered a solid performance, throwing for 210 yards and one touchdown with a pass completion rate of 63.6%. However, he faced challenges, including three sacks and an interception. Kelce, the star tight end, had a relatively quiet night with four receptions for 81 yards but failed to secure a touchdown.

The setback raises concerns for the Chiefs’ head coach as Kelce experiences a dip in form, marking his third quietest night of the season. Nonetheless, the Chiefs maintain a .666 record for the season, and the loss could serve as a rallying point for the team to regroup and strategise for upcoming challenges.

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