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Randeep Hooda and Lin Laishram: Body language expert decodes the newly-married couple’s relationship | The Times of India

In this picture, Lin Laishram looks absolutely stunning as she lovingly gazes at her partner, Randeep Hooda. Her poised stance, with slightly separated feet, reflects her dedication and genuine approach to this newly established married life. The subtle placement of her left hand on Randeep’s waist signifies him as an admiration, a source of happiness, and peace in her life. Lin’s facial expression and warm smile convey her understanding that marriage comes with its challenges, but she appears ready to navigate them alongside Randeep, finding a thriving world in their togetherness. The photo captures Lin’s beauty, dedication, and a sense of readiness to embrace the journey of marriage, showcasing a woman who values her partner and is prepared for the highs and lows of married life.

Photo: Randeep Hooda/ Instagram

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