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South Indian jewellery designsare renowned for their intricate craftsmanship, cultural significance, and enduring appeal. These pieces reflect the rich heritage of the region and hold a special place in the hearts of people. From the elaborate temple jewellery to the classic mango mala, South Indian jewellery designs are a testament to the artistry and tradition of the culture.Let’s delve into some of the most popular South Indian jewellery designs that have stood the test of time.
Temple Jewellery: Where Divinity Meets Craftsmanship
Temple jewellery is a distinctive style characterized by its detailed motifs inspired by temple architecture and deities. Crafted primarily in gold, this jewellery often features portrayals of divine figures, intricate carvings, and symbolic patterns. Temple jewellery is a staple for South Indian brides, especially during weddings and religious ceremonies. The pieces are not merely ornaments; they are a representation of spirituality and cultural heritage.
Kasu Mala: Coins of Prosperity
The Kasu Mala is a traditional coin necklace that exudes a sense of timeless elegance. Crafted with gold or silver coins linked together, this necklace showcases intricate designs and often includes images of goddesses or historical figures. The Kasu Mala is not just a piece of jewellery; it is a symbol of prosperity and is typically worn on special occasions, making it an integral part of South Indian festive attire.
Mango Mala: A Symbol of Fertility and Auspiciousness
The Mango Mala, also known as Manga Malai, is a necklace that replicates the shape of mangoes. The design ranges from simple to elaborate patterns, making it a favorite among brides. The mango is considered a symbol of fertility and auspiciousness in Indian culture, making the Mango Mala a popular choice for weddings and other significant celebrations.
Guttapusalu Necklace: A Regal Heritage
Originating in Andhra Pradesh, the Guttapusalu necklace is a distinctive piece that showcases intricate pearl clusters, gold beads, and sometimes gemstones. This antique-style necklace is a symbol of royalty and is often passed down through generations, carrying with it the rich cultural heritage of South India.
Vanki (Armlet): Adorning Gracefully
The Vanki, a traditional South Indian armlet, adds a touch of grace to the upper arm. Available in various designs, from simple to elaborate, the Vanki is often studded with gemstones. This piece holds cultural significance and is a significant part of bridal jewellery sets, completing the overall traditional look.
Nethi Chutti (Maang Tikka): Ornate Elegance for the Forehead
The Nethi Chutti, also known as Maang Tikka, is a forehead ornament adorned with intricate designs. Symbolizing cultural heritage, this piece is often worn during weddings and festive occasions. The designs commonly feature peacock or floral motifs, adding a touch of ornate elegance to the wearer.
Jhumkas: Timeless Bell-Shaped Elegance
Jhumkas, timeless bell-shaped earrings, form an integral part of South Indian jewellery. Available in various sizes and designs, these earrings are often adorned with pearls, gemstones, or intricate gold work. Jhumkas complement both traditional and contemporary outfits, making them a versatile and cherished accessory.
Oddiyanam (Vaddanam): Embracing Femininity
Oddiyanam, also known as Vaddanam or waist belt, is a broad waist ornament worn by South Indian brides. Intricately designed with motifs of deities, peacocks, or floral patterns, the Oddiyanam is a symbol of femininity and grace. It not only enhances the bridal ensemble but also holds cultural significance.
Kaasu or Kasulaperu Necklace: Auspicious Gold Coin Elegance
Kaasu or Kasulaperu is a traditional gold coin necklace featuring coins linked together with intricate detailing on each coin. Considered auspicious, this necklace is often passed down as a family heirloom, representing the continuity of tradition and cultural values.
Palakka Mala: Kerala’s Vibrant Tradition
Originating from Kerala, the Palakka Mala is a distinctive green and red necklace. It features leaf-shaped emerald or green stones, often combined with red stones, creating a vibrant and traditional piece. The Palakka Mala is a reflection of Kerala’s unique jewellery tradition, celebrating the state’s cultural vibrancy.

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