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Micro review: ‘Talat Mahmood: The Definitive Biography’ by Sahar Zaman – Times of India

Talat Mahmood holds a special place in people’s hearts, especially in the heart of his grand-niece Sahar Zaman. Mahmood was not only a vocal talent for actors such as Raj Kapoor, Dev Anand, and Dilip Kumar, but he also breathed life into the poignant verses of Mirza Ghalib, evoking deep emotions for many.
In the book ‘Talat Mahmood: The Definitive Biography,’ his niece perfectly captures his life and times.From singing movie songs to contributing to Bangladesh’s liberation army, Talat Mahmood also practiced secularism as a habit, which remains the main essence of the book.
Sahar Zaman mentions the Mukti Bahini song, later known as the Bangladesh Liberation Force in which the Indian troops participated. Talat Mahmood’s emotional and spiritual voice not only reflected the sorrow and pain of the people but also showcased his personal experiences.
Mahmood’s journey to Chittagong, ahead of his concert to meet his elder brother, and his relationship with Bengali songs perfectly depicted the emotions in his songs, which emerged as his strength. Amidst the pain seen in the relief camps, Talat Mahmood closed his eyes and sang his heart out for many.
His love for his country and his profession was a form of spirituality and passion, expertly captured in the lines written by the author. For him, India was the country of his choice, where he dedicated his talent and showcased his art. Zaman has observed the joy of India’s independence in Talat’s memoirs, where the air was thick with pain. However, post-independence, a sense of relief could be felt in his songs.

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