LESCO finds electricity pilferage at Skills College on GT Road

LESCO finds electricity pilferage at Skills College on GT Road

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December 12, 2023

Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) inspection team of GT Road Sub-Division has found power pilferage by the management of Skills College located on main GT Road, according to the company’s spokesman here Monday.
He added that the college management was operating 50 computers, lights and other electric appliances on the stolen electricity. LESCO officials seized the meter and submitted an FIR application against the accused with the police. The company also charged the accused with 6,000 units in the form of a detection bill. The LESCO Chief Executive Officer Engineer Shahid Haider is all committed to continue with the anti-electricity theft campaign till complete elimination of electricity theft, he maintained.
The spokesman further said that the accused involved in electricity theft attacked and tortured the LESCO inspection team of Shahpur Sub-Division in the limits of Chohang Police Station. He explained, the team was patrolling to monitor the scanning meters installed in the area, and during this time, they found a house near the graveyard where the accused were stealing electricity by hooking wire on the light transmission line of the LESCO. Upon noticing the theft, the Line Superintendent Nisar Ahmed knocked at the door of the said house and demanded the electricity bill, on which the accused Naveed along with an unknown accomplice started misbehaving with the LESCO officials and subjected them to violence, besides snatching the mobile phone from the LS. After deleting all the official data from the phone, the accused returned the phone to the official. A case registration application has been filed against the accused in Chohang Police Station, which includes provisions of power theft, threats and interference in the official business.

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