Joe Biden signs government funding bill and auto workers approve new contract: Morning Rundown

Hunt for Hamas by Israeli forces in Gaza hospitals goes on. Biden staves off government shutdown. And Snoop Dogg says he’s giving up smoking. 

Here’s what to know today.

Israeli forces search Gaza hospitals for proof of Hamas’ presence

Israeli forces expanded their hunt for proof of Hamas presence in hospitals across several medical facilities in northern Gaza, saying they had found tunnels, weapons and at least one vehicle. The IDF has so far not provided definitive evidence that a Hamas command center exists beneath Al-Shifa hospital, a claim that Israeli officials have repeatedly made and Hamas and doctors at the hospital have forcefully denied.

The Israeli military is “close to dismantling the military system in the northern Gaza Strip,” its chief of staff said today. The IDF said it found the body of Yehudit Weiss, a hostage abducted by Hamas during the Oct. 7 attack, in a structure “adjacent” to the Al-Shifa hospital. 

Israeli diplomat Alon Pinkas told NBC’s Andrea Mitchell that any hostage release deal between Hamas and Israel is “going to be one to one,” meaning if one Israeli hostage gets released, one Palestinian prisoner will also be released. He added they hope up to 100 hostages would be released, but IDF soldiers, whether male or female, would likely not be. Hamas is reportedly asking for a five-day cease-fire, which Israel has not agreed to.

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Gazans risk starvation given the lack of food and water, according to the United Nations World Food Programme, which said that just 10% of required food supplies had entered Gaza since the start of the war. The only passage into and out of Gaza at Rafah isn’t enough and the head of the organization pushed for the opening of another way to get supplies into Gaza.

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A struggle to find justice after a Border Patrol shooting

An image from Border Patrol agent bodycam footage showing Raymond Mattia fumbling in his pocket just moments before his death.UCBP

Raymond Mattia slumped over with nine bullet wounds less than 30 seconds after Border Patrol agents first spoke to him in May. The agents were responding to reports of shots fired about a mile from the U.S.-Mexico border. Mattia complied with orders to toss his sheathed machete to the ground, but the agents opened fire as he complied with a second order to take his hand out of his pocket. He was pronounced dead shortly after.

Now, the family wants justice. “To me it feels like there are still murderers walking around,” his sister said in an interview outside her home.

But, as reporter Lawrence Hurley writes, a recent Supreme Court ruling means any effort to sue the agents individually is doomed to fail. 

This is the first of The Untouchables, a series of NBC News stories about how and why federal law enforcement officials accused of violating constitutional rights face little legal accountability. 

Son of comedian Dana Carvey dies of drug overdose at 32

Comedian Dex Carvey performs at Flappers Comedy Club
Comedian Dex Carvey performs at Flappers Comedy Club on Feb. 18, 2022 in Burbank, Calif.Michael S. Schwartz / Getty Images file

Dex Carvey, the 32-year-old son of comedian and “Saturday Night Live” alum Dana Carvey, died of an accidental drug overdose, his parents said in a joint statement posted to Instagram.

Carvey and his wife described their eldest son as an “extremely talented” man who passionately pursued his love of the arts. They added that “anyone struggling with addiction or who loves someone struggling with addiction” is in their hearts and prayers.

Auto workers union approve 4½-year contract with Detroit’s Big Three

Union members at Ford, Stellantis and General Motors have ratified a new 4½-year contract, giving workers a total pay increase of 25% over the course of the deal. It comes after a targeted six-week strike in September and October.

The new contracts also reinstate cost-of-living adjustments, let workers reach top wages in three years instead of eight and protect their right to strike over plant closures.

Roughly 67% of Ford employees represented by the UAW voted in favor of the contract as of Thursday. Workers at GM approved the contract by a much narrower margin, with about 55% of workers voting yes.

Exclusive: Dexter Wade, buried without family’s knowledge, had ID at time of death, lawyers say 

An independent pathologist examining the body of Dexter Wade found a wallet with a state identification card that included the address of a home he shared with his mother, according to the family’s attorney. Wade was killed when a police car struck him, and buried in a pauper’s grave without his mother’s knowledge. Bettersten Wade reported her son missing on March 14, nine days after he was killed while crossing a highway. She received no information from the police about what happened to him until Aug. 27. 

 His mother called the news “another jab in the stomach.” “If they had a wallet and knew where his address was, why didn’t they just visit his address when he was laying out on the freeway and come get me so I could have seen my son?” she said.

Politics in Brief

Government shutdown: President Joe Biden has signed the stopgap funding bill passed by the Senate, punting the GOP’s spending fight and the threat of a government shutdown until after the holidays.

Trump gag order: A New York appeals court temporarily lifted a gag order in former President Donald Trump’s civil fraud trial barring him from complaining about the judge’s law clerk.

Classified documents: The special counsel appointed to investigate Joe Biden’s handling of classified documents has interviewed the president’s son Hunter Biden.

Campaign donors: Nikki Haley’s 2024 presidential bid started to pick up momentum in the GOP debates and now she’s snagging new donors, including former Sen. Tim Scott’s. 

Supreme Court: The Supreme Court rejected Florida’s bid to enforce a state law that targets drag show performances that challengers say imposes unlawful restrictions on free speech. 

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