Government takes notice of ‘virtual advertising’ during Perth Test

The government has taken notice of “virtual advertising” during the Perth Test between Pakistan and Australia, seeking clarification from the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), which has given a justification for not having any connection with this matter.

Federal Minister for Inter-Provincial Coordination Fawad Hassan Fawad has stated that he is seeking further information, but everyone should act on the restriction.

According to details, after the ban on “surrogate advertising” in Pakistan, betting companies have found new ways for their advertisements. No advertisements were painted in the field during the Perth Test, but in Pakistan, advertisements of betting companies were seen on state TV and other channels, known as “virtual advertising.” These advertisements are displayed using software.

The government has taken notice of reports related to this matter. Sources have revealed that contact has been made with the PCB in the past few days to seek further information. Instructions have also been issued on the implementation of the ban on “surrogate advertising.” 

The board has taken the stance that they have no connection to this matter; this is Australia’s home series, and it has sold rights. Speaking on this matter with Cricket Pakistan representative, Fawad Hasan Fawad, the Minister for Inter-Provincial Coordination, said that after seeing reports on “surrogate advertising,” he has sought clarification from the relevant authorities. 

Regarding past restrictions, records have also been requested from the ministry. Regarding cricket board matters, the minister said that he recently took charge, and he will be able to comment only after receiving a briefing.