Gohar condemns Bilawal for using ‘foul language’ in NA

PTI Chairman Barrister Gohar Ali Khan blamed Bilawal Bhutto for using foul language during his address in the National Assembly.

Speaking to the media outside the Parliament along with Amir Dogar, the PTI chairman expressed dissatisfaction with Bilawal’s conduct, particularly his derogatory remarks towards the opposition members.

He stated that Bilawal’s actions disrupted the House’s atmosphere and likened him to his father, referring to him as “Mr 10 percent.”

Refraining from explicitly condemning Bilawal’s speech, Amir Dogar asserted that PTI would respond to his remarks both inside and outside the House.

Also, Barrister Gohar condemned Bilawal’s behaviour and stressed the need to maintain decency in parliamentary proceedings. 

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