Ford cancels Chennai plant sale deal with JSW group – Times of India

NEW DELHI: Is Ford having a rethink on its India exit strategy? The Amercian car company has cancelled a potential deal with the JSW group for its Chennai plant, after holding very advanced-stage discussions, said sources
While the company had also initiated talks with Mahindra & Mahindra previously and Taiwanese electric maker Vinfast recently for sale of the Chennai factory, it may now want to stay put and maintain a manufacturing presence in India, sources told TOI.
“The talks between Ford’s headquarters in the US and the JSW group have collapsed abruptly, after the companies had been moving towards closing the deal. This is a sudden decision and may stem from Ford’s desire to stay put in India from the manufacturing point of view. In fact, Ford has been looking to hire people in India once again in certain functions,” one of the source said. “However, nothing can be said with certainty on the matter as yet. Ford is still evaluating, and has not taken a final decision on coming back.”
Questions sent to Ford late in the day did not get any response. JSW group responded with “no comments” to a questionnaire on the matter. Ford has been playing a seesaw as far as its India strategy is concerned.

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