Ex-Barcelona star believes THIS is what separates Ronaldo and Messi

Al-Nassr forward Cristiano Ronaldo (left) and Inter Miami’s Lionel Messi. — AFP/Instagram

Considered by many as arguably the best players of all time, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have been tirelessly compared and pitted against one another with regard to prowess on the field.

Despite having different playing styles, the duo is often compared on the basis of their statistics, achievements, and accolades such as Messi’s record eight Ballon d’Or wins and Ronaldo’s 869 goals — most by a player.

However, former Barcelona star Francisco Trincao, is of the view that both players are separated by the difference in their demanding nature.

Trincao, who has played with Ronaldo and Messi, believes that both the Portuguese and Argentine striker are “very demanding” and want to win at all costs but Rondalo, according to him, surpasses the Inter Miami star in this regard, reported essentiallysports quoting the Sport.

Other than this, Trincao maintains that there isn’t much difference between the two stars as he too remains unable to choose one over the other.

Although the rivalry between Ronaldo and Messe seems to have ended, they are still pitted against each other as to who is the best player.

Currently, Ronaldo wears the Al-Nassr jersey and is hoping to bring glory to the club by winning their first AFC Champions League title.

Meanwhile, Messi joined David Beckham-owned Inter Miami this year and the club has since then won the Leagues Cup title.

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