Chilas bus firing: ‘Brave’ mother survives six bullets to save children

Twenty-eight-year-old Roshan Bibi still has three bullets in her body which need to be removed via surgery

Roshan Bibi being moved into an ambulance at Karachi airport to be shifted to a hospital for treatment. — reporter

KARACHI: One of the victims of the Chilas firing incident, who survived six bullets to keep her children and husband safe when unidentified assailants opened fire on a passenger bus on Karakoram Highway, has been shifted to Karachi for treatment of her injuries.

28-year-old Roshan Bibi is one of the 26 people injured in the horrific attack, which also killed nine others who had boarded the ill-fated bus travelling from Ghizar district of Gilgit-Baltistan to Rawalpindi last week.

The mother of a five-year-old daughter and two-year-old son exhibited sheer courage and attentiveness when she heard the gunshots directed toward the bus.

According to her husband, Bulbul Shah, Roshan was sitting on the window seat with their daughter in her lap, when the bus came under attack. 

Bulbul Shah (left) Bibi Roshan (right), Arsalan, in his fathers lap, and Umaima. — Bulbul Shah
Bulbul Shah (left) Bibi Roshan (right), Arsalan, in his father’s lap, and Umaima. — Bulbul Shah

He said that his wife hid both the kids under the seats, pushed him down on the bus’s floor, and shielded the family by covering them with only her body.

In the bid to keep her loved ones safe, Roshan was severely injured with six bullets in her abdomen. Three of the bullets have been removed but the remaining stay inside her body as the doctors couldn’t take them out due to some complications.

Currently, Roshan is admitted to a private hospital in Karachi, where she underwent some tests and scans.

Shah said that his wife will undergo some more surgeries to remove the remaining bullets after advice from experts.

Speaking to Geo News, Roshan said that some parts of her back were numb due to injury but she is thankful that her children remained safe.

She also expressed joy that she and her husband are fine now.

Roshan has so far undergone two operations and was shifted to Karachi by air from Islamabad after doctors referred her to the port city. 

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