Biden unharmed after car strikes president’s motorcade in Delaware

A sedan smacked into an SUV that was part of President Joe Biden’s motorcade in Delaware on Sunday night.

Following the crash, U.S. Secret Service agents whisked Biden into an armored vehicle.

Agents quickly surrounded the sedan with guns drawn and aimed at its driver, who had his hands up. The cause of the crash was not immediately clear.

The Bidens had just emerged into the rain from the re-election campaign headquarters in downtown Wilmington, where they had a dinner meeting with staff and volunteers.

First Lady Jill Biden wished those gathered a “happy holidays” as she left the campaign office and got into a vehicle just before the crash.

A reporter asked Biden, who walking from the headquarters to his vehicle, why he wasn’t faring better in polls. “They’re the wrong polls,” he said.

Then there was a bang, and Biden could be heard saying, “woah” before an engine revved and he was rushed into a vehicle. He was uninjured.

The SUV that was struck appeared to be stopped adjacent to the motorcade. The sedan that hit the SUV had front-end damage.

Reporters were rushed from the scene, and the Bidens continued on to their Wilmington residence.

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