Accenture Song is size of Infosys, clocks $18 billion in revenue – Times of India

BENGALURU: Accenture Song is the size of Infosys it recorded $18 billion in revenue in the 2023 fiscal, up 14% from the year before. Accenture follows a September-August financial year.
Accenture Song, erstwhile Accenture Interactive, offers digital creative services. It’s a technology-powered creative group working with designers, creators, and technologists to create unique customer experiences.
Accenture Song’s revenue has doubled in the last five years. It has acquired 40 companies over the past decade. In November, it completed the acquisition of ConcentricLife, a healthcare marketing agency helping life sciences brands build an optimal brand experience.
Last year, under its CEO David Droga, Accenture Interactive rebranded itself as Accenture Song to consolidate 40 acquisitions under one roof and P&L. The unit’s capabilities span product and design; technology and platforms; creative, media and marketing strategy; and campaign, content, and channel orchestration.
Indian IT firms are yet to make bold bets in the space and they have a long catch-up in driving creative digital solutions at scale. It’s not just about blending technology and customer relevance, but demonstrating creative ambitions to reimagine products and services that interact with customers. Also, in this case, chief marketing officers are the buyer organisation, and the engagements are strategic.
Phil Fersht, CEO of HfS Research, said Indian heritage IT services firms have barely acquired more than a handful of digital creative agencies between them, while Accenture Song comprises more than 40 significant agency investments. “The problem with most Indian firms in creative digital is to acquire only a veneer of capability and hope to channel a lot of bread-and-butter IT work as a result with limited client inroads. Accenture Song has a huge network of CMOs which means they can sell many strategic engagements at that level, while most of the Indian firms are left vying for less strategic business at junior levels within clients.”
HFS’ latest research shows that close to 50% of IT spend now comes from non-IT leaders such as the CMO and CFO, and the Indian IT firms are struggling to adapt to this buyer organisation. Infosys, for instance, acquired WongDoody, a company that creates immersive experiences for clients. It counts Amazon, Adobe, Formula 1 as some of its customers. It also acquired Germany-based digital marketing agency Oddity that strengthens Infosys’ creative, branding and design capabilities. Wipro Digital, the digital business unit of Wipro, acquired Rational Interaction, a full-service digital customer experience company some two years back.
Melissa O’Brien, research leader at HFS Research, said, “Speaking with executives making these creative and martech buying decisions, we frequently hear that Accenture is the top choice due to sheer scale, where large companies with massive volumes of creative assets (such as retail/CPG) demand a partner with vast resources. Infosys has put these capabilities under the WongDoody brand and seems very serious about becoming a challenger brand to Song but struggles with mindshare and scale.”

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