Work-from-office impacts women’s social wellness: Study – Times of India

MUMBAI: Work-from-office has impacted the social wellness of working women in large cities, with the number of respondents who are able to spend time with family dropping from 64% in 2022 to 53% in 2023.
ICICI Lombard’s yearly Wellness Index checks how well people are doing across various aspects of wellness. The index is currently at 72 out of 100. It shows that more people are using digital tools for health, which is good.However, the way people – especially women – connect with their communities is not going so well. Social wellness, such as being involved in the community, is actually going down. The research involved 2,052 people in 19 cities, looking at the differences in age, gender, where people live, and how likely they are to have a job. This year’s study shows that more and more people are using digital platforms for their well-being.

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