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WATCH: Brodie, the courtside dancing dog at Lakers game, makes more than NBA stars

Brodie, the Goldendoodle, 4, has become a pet influencer, making over $1.5 million this year from brand partnerships

Brodie, the Goldendoodle that stole the show with a dance-off at the Lakers-Knicks game, isn’t just a viral sensation; he’s a lucrative brand.

Seated courtside at Arena, the 4-year-old canine has become a pet influencer, raking in approximately $1.5 million this year from brand partnerships and social media revenue, surpassing the NBA minimum salary.

Owner Cliff Brush Jr, affectionately known as Brodie’s dad, plays a crucial role in Brodie’s success by creating engaging content for the dog’s social media accounts, boasting around 15 million followers.

Brodie’s recent appearance at the Lakers game, sitting alongside actors Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick, propelled him to new heights of internet fame.

Transitioning from a career as a budget analyst, Brush embraced the role of a full-time content creator for Brodie, considering it the best decision of his life. 

Brodie’s content includes adventurous activities like jet skiing, cycling, and mingling with sports figures, showcasing a unique bond between dog and owner.

Brodie’s fame translates into business opportunities, with companies like Bibigo, the Lakers’ jersey patch sponsor, providing courtside tickets in exchange for branded posts featuring Brodie. His manager, AJ Nubla, facilitates deals that blend brand requests with the dog’s organic content.

The Lakers game highlighted the dynamics of Brodie’s business model, generating revenue through social media platforms and brand partnerships. 

Brodie’s charm extends beyond entertainment as he also participates in charitable events, embodying the essence of a service dog, providing companionship and support to owner Brush, who faced health challenges.

As Brodie embarks on international ventures, his fame and influence show no signs of slowing down, marking him not only as a beloved pet but a canine sensation with a thriving entrepreneurial spirit.

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