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Unveiling the significance of Aarti – The prayer of light and sound | The Times of India

Performing Aarti transcends simple steps; it is a profound expression of reverence toward deities. Adhering to specific rules ensures the correct execution of this sacred ritual. Begin by cleansing yourself—hands, face, and feet—and don clean attire. Set up the Aarti area with the idol or image of the deity as the focal point. Gather essential items like a plate, bell, flowers, incense sticks, camphor, a small towel, and water.

Aarti involves chanting prayers, mantras, or singing Bhajan Kirtan to invoke the deity’s presence. Hold the plate, offering flowers and incense, symbolizing respect. Illuminate the lamp, moving it in circular motions before the deity while singing Aarti songs or reciting mantras. Ring the bell with your left hand to dispel negative energies.

Conclude by lighting camphor on the lamp, moving it in circular motions before the deity. After Aarti, distribute offerings as Prasad and sip a few drops of water for purification. Finally, express gratitude, seek blessings, and place the lamp back in its original position, completing this deeply spiritual ritual.

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