Shadab Khan reveals why he chose to skip Big Bash League

Pakistani all-rounder Shadab Khan has decided to part ways with his Big Bash League (BBL) contract to prioritize four-day cricket in a bid to enhance his bowling skills and make a comeback into the Test team.

In an exclusive interview with Cricket Pakistan, Shadab explained his decision of letting go the Big Bash contract this year.

“The purpose behind leaving the Big Bash contract is to first improve my bowling by playing four-day cricket, and secondly, to perform well and make a comeback into the Test team,” Shadab said.

The 25-year-old emphasized the need for improvement in his bowling and believes that participating in the longer format of the game will contribute significantly to his overall skill development. 

“I didn’t leave the Big Bash contract because of playing national T20; rather, my focus was more on playing four-day cricket. Because I felt that I needed improvement in my bowling, and that would come through playing four-day cricket,” he further added.

Moreover, Shadab also expressed his dedication to self-improvement and is keen on regaining his form and contributing effectively to the national team.

“I have tried to invest in myself to play four-day cricket and improve my bowling. If my bowling improves, and along with that, if my batting also improves, it will be beneficial for the Pakistan team,” Shadab explained.

Shadab stated that he sees playing four-day cricket as an investment in his skills and as a strategic move, aligning his goals with the impending World Cup.

The effort is to improve myself through four-day cricket and bring back my form. Because the World Cup is approaching, and if I am in good form, it will benefit Pakistan,” he concluded.