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Nita Ambani looks regal in a blue and gold silk sari – Times of India

Nita Ambani‘s profound love for saris is a testament to her enduring admiration for the timeless elegance of this traditional Indian attire. With a collection that spans various interpretations and styles, she effortlessly showcases the versatility of saris in the realm of fashion. From contemporary adaptations with decorative drapes and modern blouses to embracing the classic, unembellished silhouette, Nita’s sari choices reflect a deep appreciation for the cultural heritage intertwined with her own sophisticated fashion sense.Whether attending prestigious events or gracing casual occasions, Nita Ambani’s affinity for saris remains a constant, making a powerful statement about the grace and charm that this quintessentially Indian garment brings to every wardrobe.

In recent times within the boundaries of Indian fashion, saris have undergone various interpretations. The draping style over the shoulder has evolved to become more decorative, and the blouses have taken on a more contemporary flair, ensuring constant transformations for this iconic garment. However, these modern adaptations haven’t diminished the allure of the traditional silhouette for which saris are renowned. In fact, when showcased in their conventional form as Indian ethnic wear, sans embellishments, they can captivate the attention of any fashion enthusiast splendidly. Nita Ambani, known for her extensive sari collection, recently showcased a stunning example.

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Attending the Annual Day function of Dhirubhai Ambani International School alongside her daughter Isha Ambani, Nita opted for a resplendent blue silk sari for the prestigious occasion. The garment boasted gold woven embroidery in a drop pattern on its brilliant blue base. A broad gold border complemented the woven details, while a lime green border on the reverse added a vibrant touch to the ensemble.

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Nita opted for cool-toned jewellery in shades of white and silver, including pearl drop jhumka earrings and a long necklace that gracefully layered her outfit. She adorned herself with a matching pattern bracelet and rings, completing the look with gold platform heels beneath the sari. Nita styled her dark locks in an elegant updo at the back. Her makeup was understated, featuring kohl-rimmed eyes, neutral lips, and a hint of color on the cheeks.
This is yet another stunning addition to Nita Ambani’s already impressive collection of stylish sari looks.

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