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Man receives the same order 6 times a day from a food delivery app. Here’s why – Times of India

Have you ever ordered from Swiggy? If so, you’re likely familiar with the joy of receiving your delivery. However, imagine unintentionally placing multiple orders and being unable to cancel them, resulting in a flood of deliveries arriving simultaneously. This scenario became a reality for a user named “Praanay Loya,” who inadvertently encountered a glitch in the Swiggy app.
Loya shared his ordeal on social media, posting screenshots of the situation. He revealed that after placing an order, the app displayed a cancelled status despite deducting the money. Subsequent attempts to place orders resulted in the same issue. In an attempt to resolve the issue, Loya closed the app and used Zepto to place a new order. Suddenly, he received calls from six delivery executives, all with the same order.

“The customer support didn’t respond to a single query, and the delivery guys came all the way, bringing the orders,” Loya explained in his post.
The cycle continued as Loya paid for the delivery, saw it cancelled on the app, closed the app, and resorted to ordering from a different app. At this point, Loya found himself with an unintended surplus of items, including 20 litres of milk, six kgs of Dosa batter, and six packets of pineapple, prompting him to ask, “Let me know what I should do with these?”

Expressing frustration with wasted food and money, Loya caught the attention of Swiggy Cares, who offered assistance: “Hello Praanay, we get your disappointment. We’re here to help you, please share your order ID so that we can look into it right away.”

While some users empathized with Loya’s situation, others suggested creative solutions, such as donating the excess food to homeless people. One user criticized Swiggy and claimed to have switched to Zomato/Blinkit. Clarifying the situation, another user emphasized that Loya didn’t hack or exploit the app but uncovered a system bug.

The post has gained over 100 thousand views, along with hundreds of comments and likes. Despite the inconvenience, it’s important to note that Loya’s multiple urgent orders led to the system crash, causing an unexpected chain of events.

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