“LWMC Rings in Christmas Joy: Cake-Cutting Celebration Unites Christian Employees at Head Office and Workshops!”

LWMC Spreads Christmas Cheer with Cake-Cutting Ceremony for Their Christian Employees in head office and LWMC Workshops.
December 22, 2023
Lahore:in a festive celebration at the Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC) Head Office, a Christmas cake-cutting ceremony brought together Christian employees, reinforcing the spirit of unity and gratitude. The event was graced by LWMC Chief Executive Officer Babar Sahib Din and attended by senior officers, including Deputy CEOs, GM Operation, GM HR, and Deputy GM Operation.

According to LWMC spokesperson Umar Chaudhary, the spirit of Christmas resonated across all LWMC workshops with cake-cutting events held at Outfall Workshop, Children Workshop, and Thokar Workshop. CEO Babar Sahib Din actively participated in these ceremonies, fostering a sense of inclusion among the workforce. While LWMC’s Deputy CEO, GM Operation, GM HR, Deputy GM Operation and other senior officers also participated in these ceremonies, a large number of employees also attended the event. The celebrations were not confined to symbolic gestures; prayers for the country’s security and enduring peace were offered, emphasising the company’s broader community engagement.

Additionally, as a yearly tradition, LWMC will host a festive cake-cutting event for its Christian employees at Hazoori Bagh on Saturday. During the ceremony at LWMC’s head office, Shaheen Complex, CEO Babar Sahib Din expressed LWMC’s commitment to sharing the joy of Christmas with its Christian employees. Every effort is being made to ensure thorough cleanliness arrangements for the occasion, and citizens are urged to collaborate with LWMC during this significant festival for the Christian community. To uphold city cleanliness, always dispose of waste in designated bins. Citizens are also encouraged to, collaborate by reaching out to LWMC’s helpline at 1139 or utilizing social media to address cleanliness-related concerns.

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