LHC bans media from interviewing under-custody accused

LHC bans media from interviewing under-custody accused

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December 15, 2023

The Lahore High Court (LHC) has stopped the media representatives from interviewing the accused in police custody. Underlining the importance of establishing a regulatory authority to counter such practices, Justice Ali Zia Bajwa of the LHC addressed a petition challenging media engagements with detainees. He raised pivotal queries about the ability of media representatives to coerce accused individuals into making confessional statements during interviews without their explicit consent. Justice Bajwa underscored the right to silence, akin to the fundamental freedom of speech.

According to Daily Pakistan News During the hearing, Justice Bajwa pointed out that these interviews often occur with the endorsement of law enforcement officials, leading to the acquisition of statements that might be deemed as confessions. Expressing concern about interviews conducted in public spaces, he questioned the ethicality of pressuring individuals to share their opinions while thrusting microphones into their faces.

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