KU launches four-year BS degree programme in Digital Media Marketing

Varsity offering admissions in BS in Digital Media Marketing course for academic year 2024

Picture showing the Silver Jubilee Gate of Karachi University. — APP/File

The University of Karachi (KU) has launched a new four-year BS degree programme in the Department of Mass Communication on Friday.

The varsity is offering admissions in the BS in Digital Media Marketing course for the academic year 2024.

KU Vice Chancellor Professor Dr Khalid Mahmood Iraqi on Friday introduced the degree programme during a ceremony held in the Sarwar Naseem Hall of the Department of Mass Communication.

Addressing the audience, Dr Iraqi said that this is one of the degree programs which have a lot of scope around the globe and this is one of the ideal courses for our youngsters.

He said that due to the advancement of technology and the immense development of communication means, the world has become a global village where facts cannot be hidden, and the target audience reacts and interacts immediately with each other.

Nowadays people around the world are earning more from garbage than gold due to many reasons but we are unfortunately not utilising it at all, he added.

The KU VC said that with creativity and honesty, one can do wonders in the digital world but they should never compromise moral values and ethics.

“The world has changed a lot and command over technology is essential for global reach, this course will benefit those who can handle computers well, know the latest trend of the web and internet, and have a good knowledge of languages,” he said.

Dr Iraqi told the journalists present on the occasion that nothing can replace the traditional media as it is still the foundation of every platform and version of new media, and will remain the main pillar in the media industry forever.

He shared that the KU is frequently introducing new degree programs and in the last three to four years BS in Poultry Science, BS in Public Health, BS in Human Nutrition and Dietetics, BS in Medical Laboratory Technology, and also launched BS in Sports Business Management in 2023.

On this occasion, Dr Iraqi announced that owing to the importance and usefulness of BS Digital Media Marketing, the university has decided to allow students who have completed graduation to take admission in BS DMM, like students who have passed intermediate.

Meanwhile, Chairperson of the Department of Mass Communication Dr Asmat Ara expressed that this degree programme will lead the students to entrepreneurship and they will be able to create their own content.

So far, this program is being run in seven private universities, but KU is the first public university in which the above degree program is being started, she added.

One of the speakers, President of Digital Marketing Association Pakistan Dr Asif Iqbal said that he was part of the group which has designed this course and would like to engage in this program in any capacity.

He mentioned that the world is changing rapidly, and now it depends on whether we change ourselves or not. To move forward, we must take criticism positively.

Another speaker, Head of Digital Output Geo Pakistan Manzar Ilahi said that there are many opportunities in digital media around the world especially in Pakistan.

“We must learn how to use digital media according to the current era. He said that students should have a habit of reading and those who want to start their careers in the field of journalism should have the habit of reading as it will give them different dimensions and will help them in their professional growth,” he said.

TV director and actor Misbah Khaliq said that we all know that our youth are our future, and that she believes that if they have the passion to learn, then nothing can stop them from moving forward.

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