CTD arrests two railway employees over arms smuggling

Counter Terrorism Department’s intelligence wing arrested two employees of Pakistan Railways under arms smuggling charges.

CTD In-charge Raja Umar Khatab has stated that the CTD in a raid in Cantt Station arrested railway employees Sanaullah and Gul Islam and recovered a sub-machine gun (SMG) and a pistol from their possession.

Two accused smuggled arms from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to Karachi. “An arms dealer in KP had handed over arms to them”, official said.

The railways authorities have been informed about the arrest, police official added.

The CTD in April foiled arms smuggling bid in Karachi. Raja Umar Khatab said that an in-service constable of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police was arrested in raid. “Weapons recovered from the school bag carried by accused Azharuddin, official said.

“Arrested suspect has been affiliated with an inter-provincial arm smuggling gang,” Raja Umar Khattab said. “This gang used to supply online arms”.

“Three arms dealers of KP have sent heavy weapons to Karachi till now,” he said. “CTD has arrested two members of the gang earlier,” he said.

“Mostly retired or terminated FC officials have been involved in the arms smuggling,” CTD officer said.

Earlier, Super Highway police had arrested an official of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police over supplying illegal arms.

“Two pistols, drugs and KP police service card was recovered from Mohammad Zohaib,” SSP East Irfan Bahadur told media.

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