Cricket Australia introduces alcohol-free Pakistan Bay at Perth Stadium

Cricket Australia has taken a proactive step to create an inclusive and unique experience for Pakistani cricket fans during the upcoming first Test of the Benaud Qadir Trophy at Perth Stadium on December 14.

The event has already garnered significant interest, with over 18,000 tickets sold for the highly anticipated match.

In an effort to provide a dedicated space for Pakistan supporters, Perth Stadium has allocated two zones surrounding the Pakistan dressing room, officially named the “Pakistan Bay.” This designated area will serve as a focal point for fans to come together and passionately rally behind their team. Notably, the Pakistan Bay has been designated as an alcohol-free zone, emphasizing a family-friendly atmosphere.

To enhance the communal spirit within the Pakistan Bay, attendees can enjoy a variety of amenities, including tea, Halal, and Desi food options. 

Pakistan cricketers Hasan Ali and Saim Ayub have invited fans to participate in a walk organized by Cricket Australia on the first day of the match. The walk will kick off from the renowned Sailani Avenue, guiding participants to the Perth Stadium.