BNA commander among 70 rebels lay down arms

Former BNA commander Sarfaraz Bangalzai reveals funding of militant outfits is being done from India

Caretaker Balochistan Information Minister Jan Achakzai (centre) pictured during a press conference with ex-BNA commander (left) and Balochistan Home Minister Mir Zubair Jamali in Quetta in this still taken from a video. — YouTube/PTVNews
  • Achakzai says BNA spilling blood of their brothers at India’s behest.
  • Sarfaraz Bangalzai realised enemy’s conspiracy: caretaker minister. 
  • Bangalzai says many others want to quit BNA,surrender to state. 

Balochistan Caretaker Information Minister Jan Achakzai Wednesday said that a commander of Balochistan Nationalist Army (BNA) along with 70 other fighters of the nationalist separatist group have given up arms, in a major positive development for the Pakistani security forces fighting against militancy.

“The BNA is spilling the blood of their brothers at the behest of India,” the interim minister said while addressing a press conference flanked by Balochistan caretaker Home Minister Mir Zubair Jamali in Quetta.

“Balochistan has been the biggest target of India’s anti-Pakistan efforts as the enemy is aware of the fact that Pakistan’s way to progress passes through Balochistan,” the minister said.

This is the reason India has been trying to mislead the situation in the province for decades, he added.

Achakzai said that Bangalzai had taken Gulzar Imam Shanbay’s place after the latter’s arrest.

“Sarfaraz Bangalzai also realised the enemy’s conspiracy,” he said, adding that the sons of this soil retracted after knowing about India’s nefarious intentions.

On the occasion, Bangalzai said that he has been away from his land and people and coming back feels good.

“Weapon is not the solution to a problem. The parents should educate their children and keep them away from a negative environment,” he said.

The ex-BNA leader said that the banned militant outfits are also using women in their evil plans.

He revealed that the funding of the militant outfits is being done from India, while drug peddling and kidnapping are also part of the conspiracy.

Bangalzai told the media that the 70 BNA fighters have accompanied him there, while many others are also willing to give up.

He called on the state of Pakistan to make a policy for those who are willing to give up their separatist efforts and welcome them back.

At this, Achakzai said that Pakistan has a clear policy and those who want to come back will be welcomed.

Pakistan has been witnessing a surge in militancy, especially in Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for the past year.

A report by Radio Free Europe in April stated that the modern weapons and military equipment — which was left behind by the US forces after the pullout from Afghanistan in 2021 — are being used by outlaws and Baloch separatist groups for terrorism in Pakistan.

The US had left behind weapons and military equipment worth $7 billion which later boosted the military capabilities of the terrorist groups in the country.

The report said that the US left behind firearms, communications gear, and even armoured vehicles which gave the militants a “vast war chest”.

It added that using the US weapons and equipment, both the TTP and Baloch separatist groups were waging insurgencies against the government in Pakistan, which has witnessed a surge in violence over the past two years.

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